Arkansas Stone offers a variety of products to cover your home and enhance its warmth and value. Whether you are choosing an exterior finish for your home, enhancing an outdoor living area, or simply looking to warm your home with a fire, Arkansas Stone has a complete selection of materials from which to choose.
we specialize in stone and brick masonry, and carry a complete line of
fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and pellet stoves.

Natural Stone

Arkansas Stone specializes in the use of natural stone. Natural stone is quarried, cut, and delivered to us on pallets. We select many varied pallets of natural stone provided by suppliers throughout the US and the world. Coupled with your imagination and creativity, stone adds character and warmth to your home’s exterior and interior spaces. The applications of stone are endless: flooring, fireplaces, landscaping projects, interior and exterior walls.

They all add beauty and value to your home when featured with stone. Let us walk you through our showroom so you can discover that natural beauty is not out of your price range.

Cultured Stone

If you want the look of stone but are unsure how it will appear on your project, cultured stone is an option. Cultured stone is cast in molds mimicking natural stone in texture, shape, and color. You can select cultured stone as you would brick.

Cultured stone can be applied anywhere, is not load bearing, and like natural stone, is maintenance free.

Arkansas Stone has the largest selection and variety in Northeast Louisiana. We carry architectural and residential brick for all types of projects. For home building, fireplaces, commercial, brick pavers, and commercial projects- we can do it all.

We take a hands-on approach to the brick selection process. If you’ve never chosen bricks, we take you through the process step by step giving personal, customized service.

We’ll guide you as you look through brochures, walk our large showroom, tour the brickyard, and even drive around touring homes. No matter the size of the project, our process of helping customers remains thorough and our estimates are always complimentary.

If you are looking to add a note of distinction to your home, check with us about our selection of reclaimed brick. This is beautifully weathered brick we obtain from demolition experts. Every batch is unique and comes from all over the United States.

Fireplaces add so much to a home – ambience, focal points, energy efficient heat – there are so many reasons to have a fireplace and so many options to choose from.

Arkansas Stone has sold fireplaces for more than 32 years.

We are the fireplace experts and can guide you in choosing the best option for your home.

Not sure about what you are looking for?
Let our team ask questions to help determine your needs.

Do you love the sights and smell of an open fire?
Then a wood-burning fireplace is for you.

Do you want to flip a switch and have instant ambience?
You will enjoy our selection of gas logs and inserts.

Pellet Stoves

If inexpensive, efficient heat is your top priority, then come to our showroom and let us educate you on the latest in pellet stove technology. Pellet stoves burn pellet fuel – clean burning pellets generally made from recycled wood waste. Pellet fuel is inexpensive to burn and clean burning.

Please take a moment to check out to learn more about this renewable heating alternative that is quickly gaining popularity in the US. There is a fuel cost comparison calculator on this site so you can easily evaluate your heating alternatives and costs.


Of course Arkansas Stone carries fireplace parts and accessories that give your fireplace a unique look and serve practical functions. We sell items such as screens, mantles, grates, poker sets, etc. If you are shopping for yourself or a gift, please stop by our showroom and view our selection.

Outdoor cooking is so much more than a charcoal grill. We carry ceramic grills and fire pits that maximize your outdoor cooking experience and make you the ultimate chef.


For grilling, the Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill is what you need. Ceramic cooks with 100% lump charcoal and allows food to retain its natural oils. The result is incredibly tender food with a true charcoal infused flavor.

The Kamado Joe is available as a stand-alone grill, as an insert into an existing outdoor kitchen, or installed in a grill table. Our team will discover exactly what you need as they walk you around our showroom.


Another backyard cooking alternative is an open fire. Arkansas Stone proudly represents Circle J Fire Pits, manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas. Circle J Fire Pits offer complete, ready to cook surfaces with steel plates and removable grill tops. Available in various sizes and adjustable in height, they can also be customized with inserts and cut out designs to enhance the look of your outdoor area. Circle J Fire Pits are designed for cooking or simply enjoying an outdoor fire. 

If you are looking to enhance your outdoor experience or searching for a unique backyard cooking option, stop by the showroom and let our sales team show you around.

We will offer insight into different grilling options and help you pick something that will turn your backyard area into an outdoor experience.